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Acclaimed Parenting Safe Children Workshop comes to Stapleton

Thursday, February 6, 2020 Leave a Comment

As we plan for our kids' busy summers - camps, swimming, playdates, travel - how can we be sure we're keeping them safe? How can we protect them so they aren’t in a position where they need to protect themselves? How do we give them the tools they need to protect their own bodies?

Local taekwondo school Venture Martial Arts, a long-time instructor of bully self-defense and stranger danger for kids, will host Feather Berkower's acclaimed workshop, Parenting Safe Children, on Sunday, May 17th up at the Shops at Northfield to help educate parents about sexual abuse and what we can do to keep our kids safe.

If you haven't yet attended Feather's workshop and you're a parent, teacher, aunt/uncle, grandparent, or work with kids in any way, do. It's absolutely worth your time and money. One of our guest bloggers attended a couple of years ago and wrote about her experiences. She left feeling educated and empowered.

Feather was also recently interviewed by CPR's Ryan Warner for Colorado Matters' story about preventing childhood sexual abuse if you would like to hear more directly from her.

This is a difficult topic, but if we're all talking about it together, we can make a difference for all kids in our community.

What:  Parenting Safe Children Workshop
When:  Sunday, May 17, 2020, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Where:  Venture Martial Arts, The Shops at Northfield (across from Claire's)
               8270 Northfield Blvd #1450, Denver, CO 80238
Cost:  $50
Registration:  Online through Eventbrite

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More about the Workshop
The Parenting Safe Children workshop offers valuable information, ideas, and tools to help you prevent child sexual assault in your home and community! The workshop covers three prevention areas and empowers you to discuss body-safety with children and caregivers in a positive and effective manner. This 4-hour workshop is for parents, relatives, educators, therapists—anyone who cares about children!


  • Identify what makes children vulnerable to sexual assault, so you are empowered with the facts.
  • Learn body-safety rules, so you can teach your children about personal body safety, in an age-appropriate, positive, and non-threatening manner.
  • Develop screening techniques, so you can decide more confidently which caregivers you want to entrust with your children.

It’s never too early to start talking with children about keeping their bodies safe. By starting early, you can create an environment that fosters safety and open communication.

Please feel free to invite other interested friends and family as the information is invaluable to all with children in their lives.


Specifically, the Parenting Safe Children workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Creating a communication-rich environment for children
  • Empowering children to set and maintain boundaries
  • Body-safety rules
  • Characteristics of safe homes & schools
  • Secrets
  • Age-appropriate sexual behavior
  • “Teachable Moments”
  • Tips for screening childcare providers
  • Teaching manners while also teaching kids to say, “NO” if they are un-safe

Register today at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/parenting-safe-children-may-17-2020-tickets-81636459849.