Removing the name of a KKK member from the name of our community is long overdue. Guest blogger David Bahr shares his thoughts on why now is the time to make it happen.
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The Art of the Brick FREE at DMNS

[ Sunday, June 28, 2020 | 0 comments ]
We are excited to announce that the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is now open! As restrictions lift from COVID-19, science understanding, appreciation, and education have never been more important. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science – a place for everyone, everywhere – is catalyzing our community forward, helping us understand how diversity in our natural world creates strength and nurtures life.    

And be inspired by how the power of imagination and creativity builds endless possibilities with one of America’s favorite toys in The Art of the Brick. As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt by all of us in so many ways, the Museum and LEGO® brick artist Nathan Sawaya are supporting our communities by offering The Art of the Brick free with Membership or general admission through Labor Day. Special ticket required.   

Renowned contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya has taken LEGO® bricks from beloved toys to artistic marvels. Sawaya’s original artworks and his reimagined versions of famous masterpieces from art and culture, such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and the Venus de Milo, will wow you. The experience also showcases a collection of LEGO-infused hyper-realistic photography from Sawaya’s innovative collaboration with award-winning photographer Dean West. 

Visit for more information about The Art of the Brick.  

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Father's Day at YMCA of the Rockies and Snow Mountain Ranch

[ Monday, June 15, 2020 | 0 comments ]
Looking for something fun to do with Dad for Father's Day this weekend?

The YMCA of the Rockies - both at their Estes Park and Snow Mountain Ranch locations - are running some great specials, as well as some fun Father's Day activities!

Current Specials:

Book a minimum of 3 nights in any lodge room at Estes Park Center or Snow Mountain Ranch between June 12 and July 31, 2020. Breakfast for 2 included each day. Promo code: SUMMER 20

Rest and Renew Package for Healthcare Workers and Emergency First-Responders
50% discount on current lodging fees for up to four nights, valid for reservations from June 1 through November 30, 2020, at Estes Park Center or Snow Mountain Ranch.

Fun this Father's Day: 

Pick up special Father's Day kits from the Craft Center to make Dad a thoughtful gift or schedule to get a family portrait taken at the photo booth. Dad will love the new axe-throwing activity, or challenge him to a round of miniature golf (and win prizes!). In the evening, roast marshmallows around a campfire followed by an outdoor movie on the sprawling YMCA of the Rockies lawn. Fly fishing and horseback riding excursions are also available. Cabin rentals start at just $169/night and lodge rooms are $154/night. 

Learn more at

Father's Day activities include card making, balloon toss, Father’s Day quiz bowl and fort building plus a scavenger hunt. Additional popular outdoor open activities include mini-golf, disc golf, horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. Cabins start at $279/night and lodge rooms are available for $149/night. 

Learn more at 

New safety and sanitizing procedures are in place. Curbside check-ins will be provided for guest arrivals and self-check-outs will be conducted via email. Although the dining halls and restaurants will be closed to seating and in-person dining, a variety of options will be available such as grocery delivery to cabins, take out family pick-up meal options, and to go items from on-site dining facilities and local restaurants. All activities will be operated in a safe and healthy manner in alignment with public health ordinances from county and state officials. 

To make a reservation, book online at or call 888-613-9622.
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It's Past Time for St*pleton to Go

[ Sunday, June 14, 2020 | 0 comments ]

Guest post by the Rev. Dr. David Bahr, Pastor of Park Hill Congregational UCC in Denver.

“I have little to say, except that I will work with the Klan and for the Klan in the coming election heart and soul. And if I am re-elected, I shall give the Klan the kind of administration it wants.”

Those are the promises of former Denver mayor Benjamin St*pleton, a name familiar to most in Denver because he was given the honor of the name of the former airport. And then, after the airport, a massive area of land encompassing many neighborhoods, but known in total as St*pleton. That name must now go. It’s not as though people haven’t tried over and over and over again. But now, it is time for St*pleton to go.

Not only did he promise his “heart and soul” to the KKK, he filled his cabinet and police forces with members of the KKK. His election to mayor of Denver was celebrated by cross burnings on the top of South Table Mountain. The KKK burned crosses in celebration of Benjamin St*pleton. People claim that he later changed his tune. Regardless, despite any change of that heart or accomplishments, Jews, Chinese, Catholics, immigrants, and African Americans were all openly terrorized with impunity during his reign. None of them was asked when the airport was named in 1944 whether they thought his accomplishments outweighed the fiery terror that rained down upon them. Those actions were fresh. Those with the power to name then, didn’t care. But now, it is time for St*pleton to go. It’s past time.

Many people who have moved to the St*pleton neighborhood in the past decade were unaware of this history. When the airport closed, attempts were made to change the name. Most recently, Black Lives Matter brought attention to this in 2015. After years of education and consciousness raising, last year property owners in St*pleton were given the opportunity to voice their opinion. But those with interests in keeping the name created an election in which 1) only property owners could vote. That means the many who live in apartments had no voice. 2) Only one person per household could vote. Two adults with two opinions could voice only one opinion. 3) Ballot irregularities were ignored throwing confusion into an already heated debate.

I went to the meeting of the Master Community Association at which the results of that vote were ratified. I could as easily have been sitting in on a meeting in Birmingham or Selma in the 1950s. The group was annoyed, calling neighbors initiating the name change of being “outsiders coming in.” They weren’t. The group was impatient to get this off their agenda. They called the ReName group’s concerns overhyped and accused advocates of bad behavior.

Dr. King wrote to clergymen from his jail cell in Birmingham that he had “hoped the white moderate would see this [injustice. But I should have expected] that few members of a race that has oppressed another race can understand or appreciate the deep groans and passionate yearnings of those who have been oppressed, and still few have the vision to see that injustice must be rooted out by strong, persistent, and determined action.”

And so strong, persistent and determined action has been promised. In a very strongly worded tweet, Tay Anderson put down a marker. “The neighbors of Stapleton have ONE WEEK to change their name ... if they do NOT we will march through their neighborhood to show them that Black Lives Matter.”

My first reaction to the tone was “that’s not helpful.” That sounds like a threat. But if nice words get you nowhere, perhaps strong, persistent and determined action will get people’s attention.

We are watching as more statues of treasonous confederate soldiers on the losing side of a war to enslave humans are being torn down. And now it is time for St*pleton to go. It’s past time.

Even the Pentagon agrees that the names of confederates after whom military bases, like Bragg and Benning, should be changed. It is time for St*pleton to go. It’s past time.

A man in Texas wrote to Dr. King to say “All Christians know that the colored people will receive equal rights eventually, but is it possible that you are in too great of a religious hurry?” But as we know, Dr. King said, “wait almost always means never.” And so, it is time for St*pleton to go. It’s past time.

But what about the history? You can’t erase history. I completely agree. My solution? Put a plaque on top of South Table Mountain with the history laid out clearly. On this spot, the KKK burned a cross in celebration of the election of Mayor St*pleton. We commit that such an atrocity shall never happen again.” Put a plague up in the offices of the Master Community Association. Put a plaque up in Founder’s Green. Put them everywhere so we don’t forget the history. But the name? It’s time to go.

To Christians I share a story of Jesus. The authorities asked Jesus, “What’s your hurry?” They pointed to a woman who had formerly been bent over for 18 years. They said, “Why couldn’t she wait? It’s against the law to heal today. Do it tomorrow. It’s just one more day.” True, it had been 18 years, but that means, according to their logic, there were 5,634 previous days on which should could have been healed. But no one cared about this woman until Jesus healed her on the wrong day. (Luke 13:10-17)

The tone of a tweet may be off putting, but clearly no action will be taken on the St*pleton name until someone says finally it’s enough: Now is the time to ReName St*pleton. It’s past time.

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YMCA of the Rockies reopening May 22nd!

[ Thursday, May 21, 2020 | 0 comments ]
We're excited to share that the YMCA of the Rockies will reopen May 22 with lodge rooms, cabins, and yurts (at Snow Mountain Ranch)!

YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch look forward to reopening their wide-open spaces, mountain views and fresh air with guests on May 22 (a few cabins are still available for Memorial Day weekend).

Curbside check-ins will be provided for guest arrivals and self-check-outs will be conducted via email, and although the dining halls and restaurants will be closed to seating and in-person dining, a variety of options will be available to guests such as grocery delivery to cabins, take out family pick-up meal options, and to-go items from on-site dining facilities and local restaurants.

All activities will be operated in a safe and healthy manner in alignment with public health ordinances from county and state officials. For more information about YMCA of the Rockies' practices and procedures, please visit

The popular family vacation destination has reorganized and reprioritized how they operate their facilities, services, and programs to provide a safe, affordable getaway for guests this summer. Popular activities that will be open to guests include:

  • Miniature golf and disc golf
  • Tennis
  • Outdoor volleyball
  • Hiking and biking trails
  • Horseback riding
  • Fly fishing
  • Dog park
  • Roller skating
  • New to-go kits from the craft center

Estes Park Center will also launch a new activity - Axe Throwing - where families can learn how to throw a two-pound hatchet at a target and get it to stick, while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in the cool shade of towering Ponderosa Pines. Also new at Estes Park Center, YMCA of the Rockies will be offering Camp My Way​, a small group camp experience for overnight guests from June 1–August 14.

Lastly, to support healthcare professionals and first responders, YMCA of the Rockies is offering a new Rest + Renew​ package featuring 50% discount on current lodging fees for healthcare workers and emergency first responders up to four nights and valid June 1–November 30, 2020. Read the full story »
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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo from Home with Comida and Steuben's

[ Friday, May 1, 2020 | 1 comments ]
With one of Denver’s favorite days of the year coming up, you can still have a party while safely social distancing... See below for lots of tacos, tequila, virtual parties, and fun to liven up the day as we ease into May!

Comida (2501 Dallas Street at Stanley Marketplace)

Rayme Rossello’s Mexican soul-food cantina celebrates Denver’s favorite unofficial holiday with Music, Tacos, and Margs. Local favorite Tito Malaga will be playing live Spanish guitar music from 4:30–6:30 pm on Cinco de Mayo while Comida live-streams the tunes on Instagram. Cinco Taco Packs ($40) serve 2-3 and include 10 homemade hard taco shells, your choice of up to three of the proteins (Stella’s pork Carnitas, Chimayo Roasted Chicken, Polidori Chorizo, sautéed vegetables, Spicy Shrimp, or Sirloin Situation) as well as all the fixin’s - pickled red onions, comida and pineapple habanero salsa, limey green cabbage, and house-made crema.

Boozy options for the day include:
  • Cinco Special: a bottle of Comida Margarita made special just for the Cinco with Suerte Blanco Tequila and served to you in a Suerte Bottle ($40).
  • House Made Micheladas (2 for $10): 2 cans of Tecate with Comida’s house-made Sangrita Mix
  • The above specials in addition to the regular menu of five fresh margarita flavors (2 for $18 or 4 for $30):
    • Agua de Jamaica Margarita (Olmeca Altos Plata and hibiscus, along with agave, orange+lemon+lime)
    • Comida Margarita with Monte Alban Plata, agave, orange+lemon+lime
    • Comida Coin, Olmeca Altos Plata, Fruit Lab Orange Liquor and a squeeze of fresh lime
    • Watermelon Jalapeño Margarita with Jalapeño-infused tequila, watermelon, agave, and lime Pineapple Habañero Margarita, habañero-infused tequila, pineapple, agave, orange+lemon+lime.
Call 303-484-1632 or email to find out more.

Steuben’s Uptown (523 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203)

Stuben's if offering Cinco Specials for takeout on Tuesday 5/5 from  with Cinco de Mayo selections:

  • $5 Chips & Guac
  • $5 Chips & Salsa
  • $10 Carnitas Taco Plate (3 corn tortillas with pulled pork tossed in jalapeno salsa and topped with cotija cheese, pickles onions, avocado, cilantro. Served with a side of jalapeno salsa, refried beans, and Mexican rice.
  • $10 Smothered Breakfast Burrito (scrambled eggs, cheddar + mozzarella, green onions, salsa roja, smothered with pork green chile, tomatoes, and sour cream)
  • $4 Green Chili Stew
  • Dessert special: Chocolate Tres Leches cake with spiced whipped cream, Oreo crumbles, and fresh berries

Add on a Cinco de Mayo margarita kit ($35):

  • 1-liter bottle of Espolon Tequila
  • 750 bottle of Steuben’s sweet and sour + margarita salt
  • Espolon hat and beanie


  • $5 Luna Azul margs and Pineapple Jalapeño margs
  • $5 Luna Azul Tequila Sunrise Shake

Call 303.830.1001 to order or use the Steuben’s App (text Steubens to 337-33)

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